Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cream cheese puffs

I've been making these lately for a while now, they're soft and fluffy,  
melts-in-your-mouth kinda goodness... I call it cream cheese puffs.

puff pastry from the tube
brown sugar
cream cheese
chocolate chips
I wanted to try different flavors with these, so I tried using chocolate chips, and also pumpkin spice! However, you can use the basic ingredients and still tastes great =)
Step 1-3: (1) cut each of the puff pastries in half to make the signature "ball" shape and size. (2) Flatten the puff pastries. (3) Add a good coating of cream cheese and brown sugar on top.
 Here's the optional part...add chocolate chips! or anything else you might like...
Step 4 & 5: Roll up the pastry into round "ball" shapes. Then, dip them into more brown sugar!
Step 6: Place these pastry balls into a non-stick pan or foil with a thin coating of butter, so they don't stick. These will get sticky once the brown sugar starts melting... >_< 
I baked these in the oven at 390 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.
 Then they come out like this =) You can choose to eat it plain...
...or if you're like me...add whipped cream, and drizzle it with chocolate syrup =)
Now this is what I call a midnight snack =)


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