Wednesday, October 12, 2011

D.I.Y. dessert toppings containers

So, we usually make a lot of pasta at my house. I had these jars lying around and decided to use them for a little project. =)

 So before you get started, you need some nice clean jars. So peel off the labels and wash & dry the jars well. (Tip: To peel the labels, I poured hot water from the kettle onto the sticker labels to melt the glue. Then I just scraped off the remaining with a table knife.)
 Step 1: Gather materials. You don't need much, just any old construction paper, glue, scissors, and a sharpie marker.
 Step 2: Cut out equal strips of the constructions paper.
 Step 3: Measure the strips on to the jar, and cut off the excess. Leave enough room at the end, and glue the tips together.
 Step 4: Write out your own new labels.
Last step is to display these onto your pantry. =) 
Enjoy. Stay fun & creative!

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