Sunday, October 9, 2011

mustache cupcake toppers

Step 1: Gather materials: assorted-color construction paper, long lollipop sticks, glue gun, scissors, pen and paper.
Step 2: Free-hand drawings of mustaches onto sheets of paper. It doesn't have to be perfect. Fold the drawing in half and cut out the drawing of your mustache.
Step 3: See, now you have a symmetrical shape. Place the cut-out onto your construction paper and start cutting! It's that easy.
I made a few mustache shapes to change it up. (The beige mustache will take a little while longer to cut.)
Step 4: Now that you have your mustaches cut out, you can start gluing the sticks on the back side of the mustache. (Tip: You only need to put a little bit of glue and it's best to put glue on the stick first, not the mustache.)
There you go. These toppers are going on top of my brother's birthday cupcakes. There's 19 of them.

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