Tuesday, November 29, 2011

mini-mini samples

... these were recent samples I made. All of these contain some kind of chocolate =) (Although not photographed, I drizzled white chocolate sauce on top of the banana walnut muffins)

Here they are up close...the triple chocolate cheesecake was the newest addition to the Laundry Cakes family. It's definitely a keeper! =)
they turned out really delicious, even in their very tiny size. I like that they are small, so I don't feel as guilty eating 3 or 4 at a time -__-


Latest baked-goods on Intragram

... i've been slaving away in the kitchen baking! and i love it more and more. I am certainly no professional, however. I just bake for fun, and I've slowly been introducing my baked-goods to friends and loved ones. I've gotten several orders already...here are a few of the things that I bake =)
 So far, it looks like the banana nut muffins and loaf are the favorites. =) It certainly is my favorite! While some like the banana flavored treats, others have developed a liking for the red velvet cake pops and chocolate cake pops!

One thing is certain, baking is so much more than what it seems. For me, it allows me to express my artistic & culinary side. =) Here's a few pictures from Instagram of some of this past week & this week's orders...

Find me on Instagram under the name: cupcakelaundry


Red Velvet Whoopie Pies!

This was my very first time making whoopie pies, and also my very first time tasting them =)

I was inspired to make these because they're rather new to me, and have never really seen them around much - just recently... so I gave it a go!
I basically followed the recipe from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXnGiv5rzWA but I improvised on some of the ingredients I didn't have on hand... (for example, I didn't have buttermilk, so I just used the regular milk I had in the fridge. -__-

Tip: when making the cookies for the whoopie pies, make sure you line the baking tray with parchment paper so the cookies don't stick!
 Also, make sure the space your cookies at least 2 inches apart, because they do expand...
 While the cookies were chilling, I was whipping up my favorite cream cheese frosting for the filling! =) Then, when the cookies have cooled at room temperature, I just sandwiched the cream cheese filling between 2 cookies =) like so...


Recipe from here<-- click

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My little bakery business =)

So it's always been a nice fantasy of mine to own my own bakery =) I didn't go to culinary school or anything, but I just love to bake! So I started by sampling my baked goods, and had dear loved ones critique them.

One of the sweets that people love are these mini-strawberry cheesecakes, this one was an order for one-dozen mini-strawberry cheesecakes!
I loved using the yellow liners for these...it made it look so eye-catching =) and it was delicious too... (they were happy customers)
Also this past week, was an order for 23 Red Velvet cake pops! (for work pot-luck) But these would be great for all sorts of occasions!
They are coated with creamy white chocolate and decorated with a few sprinkles and chocolate ganache sauce. =) 

All these and more are available for ordering during the Holidays!

Click here for my menu!


9" Blackberry Swirl Cheesecake

So for Thanksgiving, I decided to bake up my favorite cheesecake recipe...but this time, I made it blackberry!
 Here's some picture of how it went making the swirl!
 After it's baked, you will see all the beautiful swirls on top of the cheesecake! You can pretty much do this technique with any fruit syrup =) I just happened to choose blackberry!
 The cheesecake was baked in a 9-inch spring-form pan, and i just found a round aluminum tray to hold it in.
30 minutes before serving, I garnished this cheesecake with some whipped cream! I love that stuff! 
 Since cheesecake can become too soft in room temperature, make sure to refrigerate it before it's ready to serve to make sure it doesn't go melting on you -__- Plus, chilled cheesecake is soooo good!!!!
 Here's a look at my Thanksgiving dessert plate!!! yumm!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Laundry Cakes Menu

Here is it... the menu i came up with...

I'm hoping to be baking a lot this Holiday...


Friday, November 18, 2011

banana pecan-chocolate muffins

... I found a new banana nut bread recipe, but decided to add a few extra favorite ingredients, and made them into muffin-versions. =)
I started out with one of my favorite banana nut bread recipe. Then I just chopped up some chunks of Hershey's milk chocolate bar (we had some left over from Halloween)...
When they come right out of the oven, the muffins will have a crunchy texture on the top & on the edges =)
You can store these for about 4-5 days in the refrigerator. Once they are a few hours old and refrigerated...the muffins become more moist and soft
I chose to leave the muffin liners out. Banana nut bread doesn't stick to Teflon surfaces at all, but make sure to spray the muffin pans with a thin layer of cooking spray.
I tasted the one with the large chocolate chunk, it was YUM! super moist and contains a lot of textures (being fresh out of the oven and all)... hugs =)

I used this recipe --> click here for the basic banana muffin recipe, but i incorporated extra ingredients, one of them being the chocolate chunks =)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

black friday wish list

...i've kind of been browsing around online for what i possibly want to buy this Black Friday... & i'm leaning towards...MORE CLOTHES & SHOES! here's a few inspiring pieces... all the photos are from http://jenloveskev.com/ I love her style!

This blouse with the big bow is adorable!
I love these kind of coral colored lacy type blouses. They look very lady-like and proper <3
This mustard color looks great! and I'm in love with the doilies-style collar =) 
I guess i'm feelin' the yellow family of colors. This sheer top is so fun and you can pair it with jeans or dress it up with a belt & skirt!
Next, are these super cute high-heel shoes i've been dying to have! I love how they are wedge heels. and the laces make it look so much more urban. I love it, and can definitely wear it with pretty much any color. I love how she paired it with deep-velvet red leggings. Adorable! I must find similar shoes!
When I saw the next photo, it immediately made me want to buy a black checkered long-sleeve shirt. They kind of phased out, but when I saw how cute the shirt looks with a brown belt and that cute velvet green skirt, I'm totally bringing them back into my wardrobe! =)
Last, but not least...i wish to have these shoes (or similar) I love love love wedge-heeled shoes. They are 10x more comfortable than stilettos, but they look just as classy and fun. I love the nude/brown tone of these shoes because they will work well with other pieces of clothing i already own... =) 
Every year...i shop Black Friday, last year we went Cabazon outlets shopping... but this year...we may stay local =) and cop me some clothes & shoes! ;)


All photos from http://jenloveskev.com/
I love her blog, check it out =)


Monday, November 14, 2011

Caramel Apples

... i always see these caramel apples at the mall every time i pass by Chocolate Factory or similar shops...and i've always wanted to try them... so I made some homemade ones =)
These are actually really simple to make... (just a little bit messy though >.<) Here's how I did it...
First, you need some nice fresh Granny Smith apples, I used 5 regular sized ones.
Then, get some kind of sturdy sticks to poke into the apples... I used lollipop sticks that I use for cake pops, but I think something sturdier would be better, such as popsicle sticks or the longer lollipop sticks.
Tip: the best place to poke the apple is just right beside the stem (shown below), not directly on the stem. If you hit the stem itself, it will be very hard to poke through.
I was in a rush at the grocery store... so I just grabbed this low-fat caramel dipping sauce...you can find these right next to the apples section (Note: this sauce has a thinner consistency than the actual caramel sauce that they use for commercial caramel apples, so you may have a dripping problem, like me -__- But these pretty much do the trick =)

I placed the caramel into a small sauce pan on low heat for about 30 seconds or so, while stirring...then turned off the heat. You just want to loosen the sauce a bit for easier dipping.
Then just dip the apples one by one =)
After dipping, place onto a serving plate... (Note: if the caramel sauce on the apples seems too thin, you may want to double dip your apples for a thicker caramel coating) That's exactly what I did =) Double the caramel, double the yummy!
Then, you are ready to put toppings!
I just crushed the nuts and oreos in a food processor and placed in separate bowls for easy dipping & coating. And it should come out looking like this...
You may stop here, or if you love chocolate like me...you may want to add some white chocolate & milk chocolate sauce on these to make it that much more delicious =) Just melts some white & milk chocolate chips in the microwave. (Tip: add a bit of vegetable oil into the chocolate chips to thin-out the chocolates, for easier handling)

Here's how they turned out...

I couldn't resist the walnut caramel apple one! it's the best way to eat a fresh apple, if you ask me... =)

Have fun making these... just make sure to plan to make a mess =)


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mom's Birthday Desserts

For my mom's birthday desserts, I chose to make a regular-sized strawberry swirl cheesecake & banana nut bread =)

Here's a few pictures to summarize...the recipe for the strawberry swirl cheesecake & banana nut bread were taken from my cookbook: Cooking Light. And the great thing about these is that they are low-fat, using all low-fat ingredients & not so much sugar and butter =) (Tip: If you find a good recipe for a cheesecake or a banana nut bread, you can easily switch the original "full fat" ingredients with "low-fat" ones to accommodate your health preference...) For me, low fat works well... So for all those who are health-conscious...these are great!

Here's the strawberry swirl cheesecake... in preparation...
Here's the finished product >.< so yummy! This was a definite crowd pleaser ;) 
 Here's the banana nut bread, the recipe I used is almost similar to the last batch I made recently, except I added a few extra ingredients!
Then I just placed them in an old white serving tray my mom had lying around & sliced each loaf into 16 pieces like so... Both of these desserts went really quick, I guess these 2 recipes are a keeper ;)
And just for fun, since I was already in the kitchen anyway...I made a batch of these too!...
...but I made sure to save some at home for me ;)