Tuesday, November 15, 2011

black friday wish list

...i've kind of been browsing around online for what i possibly want to buy this Black Friday... & i'm leaning towards...MORE CLOTHES & SHOES! here's a few inspiring pieces... all the photos are from http://jenloveskev.com/ I love her style!

This blouse with the big bow is adorable!
I love these kind of coral colored lacy type blouses. They look very lady-like and proper <3
This mustard color looks great! and I'm in love with the doilies-style collar =) 
I guess i'm feelin' the yellow family of colors. This sheer top is so fun and you can pair it with jeans or dress it up with a belt & skirt!
Next, are these super cute high-heel shoes i've been dying to have! I love how they are wedge heels. and the laces make it look so much more urban. I love it, and can definitely wear it with pretty much any color. I love how she paired it with deep-velvet red leggings. Adorable! I must find similar shoes!
When I saw the next photo, it immediately made me want to buy a black checkered long-sleeve shirt. They kind of phased out, but when I saw how cute the shirt looks with a brown belt and that cute velvet green skirt, I'm totally bringing them back into my wardrobe! =)
Last, but not least...i wish to have these shoes (or similar) I love love love wedge-heeled shoes. They are 10x more comfortable than stilettos, but they look just as classy and fun. I love the nude/brown tone of these shoes because they will work well with other pieces of clothing i already own... =) 
Every year...i shop Black Friday, last year we went Cabazon outlets shopping... but this year...we may stay local =) and cop me some clothes & shoes! ;)


All photos from http://jenloveskev.com/
I love her blog, check it out =)


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