Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cake balls w/ little flag toppers!

I still had chocolate cake left over from I decided to make cake balls!
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I find the oddest times to bake/make things, but I find that working in a quiet & empty kitchen is the best =) It just so happens those times happen late at night...=)
Instead of making cake pops, I changed it up and made cake balls. I thought making these would be easier, but they are probably harder to make...not to mention, a little messy... But if you're like me, a little chocolate on your hands and fingers is not a problem! =)
To make these little flag toppers, I just used a few toothpicks, some colorful construction paper, and a little tape. Just cut little triangles from the construction paper and tape it onto the toothpicks! It's that easy... These look nice for birthday parties or theme parties... or for taking pictures!!

...or you can leave the flags off, and they still look really yummy!

Tips for cake balls:
Make sure you have thinned your chocolate chips or chocolate melts with vegetable oil. This will make life much easier for you. Also, use a deep cup or deep bowl for your melted chocolate - it makes dipping so much easier and faster. Then, use a fork to scoop the balls out of the chocolate. Last, make sure to tap off the excess chocolate from the cake balls. 
Check my previous blog post for cake pops!


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  1. Thanks for the great tips on making cake balls--I'm sure they'll make all the difference here during my first go-round. Great blog!


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