Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY old shirt into a wreath

Before I start, the reason why i came up with this idea was because it we are approaching the Holidays... In addition, I found a really big piece of packaging foam from the shelving unit I bought recently...which inspired me to do this project...and it's super simple =)

Start with these simple materials: foam board/styrofoam board (large enough to make a big circle), an old-worn-down shirt (i used an old green checkered shirt, because of the color, plus it was really torn up already), hot glue gun. scissors, pencil, and maybe a few decorative ribbons or the likes...
Then, draw a circle on the foam and cut it out, then draw a smaller circle, and cut that out. (Tip: I used sharp scissors to cute the big circle and used a parring knife to cut out the little circle).
Then, take the old shirt you have and cut long strips of it...for this project, i used almost the whole shirt...
Almost done, now take your strips of fabric and start gluing the ends of the strip on the foam board. (Tip: to use the least amount of glue, I only glued the ends of the fabric). Once you get going on the gluing part, you should have something that looks like the picture on the right... Now, all you have to do is add a few buttons, ribbons, and the strap to hold the wreath up.
I basically used the shirt for all the parts to this project, however, you can use any type of ribbon, or other decorative ideas... One thing I did do that was fun was add the shirt pocket to the bottom part of the wreath...
 It was just the right size for this stuffed monkey I bought a few Christmases ago for my bf =) he loves it!
The best part of this project is it cost me $0 since all the materials I used was either scraps or things I already had around the house... =)

Stay fun & creative...


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