Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i love target!

I know it's November, and the Holidays are approaching. I hope to bake a lot more, but I also want to keep in mind that there's a world outside the kitchen... With that in mind, i might be enjoying some time away from baking...not for too long, though!
On occasion, you can find me walking around target in the kitchen section...I love some of their kitchen tools and bake-ware! Here's a few on my "to-buy-in-the-near-future" list.

I absolutely love ramekins! I've been meaning to buy some of these, but I haven't really found any recipes I like that would require me to use a ramekin... maybe i will find some soon!
Also, I saw this bake-ware set at the store... I like it because of the cookie trays and the round cake trays...there's also a few other things in this set I don't already have, so it would be a nice addition =)
I saw this bundt cake pan also, which I love because I found a good recipe I'd like to use in the future...near future, I hope...
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A few other things I found:

this "whoopie pies" cook book!

 And this really cool looking donut maker...

It looks like I'm starting to build my own kitchen here...

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