Saturday, November 5, 2011

ikea inspired semi-makeover

so it was just about time that i cleaned our house... since i have more free time now (having finished school and all) I figure it would be a nice way to help out around the house and re-arrange/re-decorate our living space =)
Here's how we did it...

We went to my go-to place for affordable, modern, and stylish furniture store - IKEA! I already had a vision of some of the things i wanted to incorporate in our house... for example, this super cute bookcase/shelving unit...We chose white to match out white tiled floors.
Since our house is full of earth tones and neutrals, we decided to use these cubbies for the it looks great with the white!
We also spotted this fun-print curtain set. I love the texture of this curtain - it has like a burlap kind-of also is a little transparent, so it brightens up the room, allowing a lot of light to shine through during the daytime...
Some of the other things we found were these huge throw pillows with polka-dots! i love the colors on them and they would match well with our couches.
For our little kitchen, we need a lot of storage...and since my baking hobby has taken over so much of our kitchen counter space, we decided it was necessary to get a new pantry that can hold most of my baking goodies =)
Here's a few pictures of the final products...
Here's our other couch. We also found an area rug with similar color palette to the pillows & couch.
Next is the dining area, which normally has a bunch of clutter hiding in the corners...but now it's all tucked away inside & out of sight!
Here's a few close ups...
It's nice when the house is clean and updated...It makes coming home so much more relaxing...

Bookcake - $69.99
Cubby - $14.99/each
Curtains - $29.99
Plants - $9.99/each
Plant pots - $4.99/each
Throw Pillows - $12.99/each
Kitchen Pantry - $39.99
Area rug - $14.99

Products from IKEA

Have fun decorating...
Stay fun & creative =)

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