Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Latest baked-goods on Intragram

... i've been slaving away in the kitchen baking! and i love it more and more. I am certainly no professional, however. I just bake for fun, and I've slowly been introducing my baked-goods to friends and loved ones. I've gotten several orders already...here are a few of the things that I bake =)
 So far, it looks like the banana nut muffins and loaf are the favorites. =) It certainly is my favorite! While some like the banana flavored treats, others have developed a liking for the red velvet cake pops and chocolate cake pops!

One thing is certain, baking is so much more than what it seems. For me, it allows me to express my artistic & culinary side. =) Here's a few pictures from Instagram of some of this past week & this week's orders...

Find me on Instagram under the name: cupcakelaundry


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