Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mom's Birthday Desserts

For my mom's birthday desserts, I chose to make a regular-sized strawberry swirl cheesecake & banana nut bread =)

Here's a few pictures to summarize...the recipe for the strawberry swirl cheesecake & banana nut bread were taken from my cookbook: Cooking Light. And the great thing about these is that they are low-fat, using all low-fat ingredients & not so much sugar and butter =) (Tip: If you find a good recipe for a cheesecake or a banana nut bread, you can easily switch the original "full fat" ingredients with "low-fat" ones to accommodate your health preference...) For me, low fat works well... So for all those who are health-conscious...these are great!

Here's the strawberry swirl cheesecake... in preparation...
Here's the finished product >.< so yummy! This was a definite crowd pleaser ;) 
 Here's the banana nut bread, the recipe I used is almost similar to the last batch I made recently, except I added a few extra ingredients!
Then I just placed them in an old white serving tray my mom had lying around & sliced each loaf into 16 pieces like so... Both of these desserts went really quick, I guess these 2 recipes are a keeper ;)
And just for fun, since I was already in the kitchen anyway...I made a batch of these too!...
...but I made sure to save some at home for me ;)


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