Saturday, November 26, 2011

My little bakery business =)

So it's always been a nice fantasy of mine to own my own bakery =) I didn't go to culinary school or anything, but I just love to bake! So I started by sampling my baked goods, and had dear loved ones critique them.

One of the sweets that people love are these mini-strawberry cheesecakes, this one was an order for one-dozen mini-strawberry cheesecakes!
I loved using the yellow liners for made it look so eye-catching =) and it was delicious too... (they were happy customers)
Also this past week, was an order for 23 Red Velvet cake pops! (for work pot-luck) But these would be great for all sorts of occasions!
They are coated with creamy white chocolate and decorated with a few sprinkles and chocolate ganache sauce. =) 

All these and more are available for ordering during the Holidays!

Click here for my menu!


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