Thursday, December 1, 2011

Denim button-down shirts

... i've kinda been on a search for denim button-down shirts... they seriously need to be in my wardrobe... i finally found one for starters at F21. =)

i'm kinda going for these looks ...
 i love the gray denim with the tan-colored cardigan (photo below), looks so rustic and urban! The boots are cute too, not sure if I can pull those off though, i'd prolly substitute with some toms or wedge booties <3
 again, I guess i'm just in love with the camel-colored cardigans because i like the combination with the denim.
Another thing I bought today that I've been wanting are boots! So I saw these on sale at Charlotte Russe and I had to buy them...they are super comfortable. These normally wouldn't be my style, considering I only really wear sandals or flats on a daily basis, but I figure a girl needs to have a cute pair of boots! so i got them ...

Photos from  calivintage & charlotte russe

<3 <3 <3

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