Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to hide a huge crack on a cheesecake

so... there are good days and there are bad days... likewise, there are days when your cheesecake comes out smooth, and days they get a big'ol crack! =(

Don't worry! just add a whole bunch of ingredients on top to camouflage the blemish and no one ever has to know the crack ever existed =)

here's how the a "smooth" cheesecake looks like ...
here's the same cheesecake at another angle and natural lighting ... pretty smooth!

Here's a cheesecake i recently baked that was not so smooth... (i changed up the ingredients a bit, that's probably what caused the crack -.- )

So as you can see, there is a major major difference!
But, in those instances where you get a crack on the cheesecake, just put a bunch of ingredients on top! like so...
 Slice of cheesecake anyone?

So, this technique obviously works with a "rocky road" flavored cheesecake, but you can also apply this technique with fruit toppings, nuts, chocolates, etc...


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