Thursday, December 29, 2011

Red Velvet Christmas-theme Cakepops!

I love how these turned out. I recently started using Wilton's Candy Melts instead of the regular Hershey's chocolate morsels, and I like it much better. However, the candy melts do tend to be sweeter... but I still like them =) So I think I'm going to stick to the candy melts from now one... Plus they have a crunchier consistency when bitten into the finished cakepop =)
Although it's passed Christmas, the person who ordered these still wanted red & green red velvet cake pops!

Tip: to coat at least 8 cake pops, i used 1/2 cup of the candy melts.
With these, I just drizzled some white chocolate sauce on top. To do so, i just microwaved about a tablespoon of white chocolate morsels for about 1 minute and thinned it with a tiny bit of vegetable oil. Then i mixed it until smooth, also allowing it to cool a bit. Then, I placed the melted chocolate into a plastic sandwich bag and snipped a tiny bit of the corner of the bag to allow the chocolate to pipe out. Drizzle the chocolate sauce one by one onto each cakepop and before the chocolate sets, sprinkle on some red, white, & green nonpareils so they stick onto the chocolate before it hardens.
These are oh so very festive, and would look great in any color themes. =)


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