Thursday, November 22, 2012

DIY Cake Stand for $2

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I have really been into cakes, if you haven't noticed. Whether cupcakes, cheesecakes, cake-cakes, ANY cake! And I always think taste comes before presentation 100% of the way, so I try to bake cakes that taste really good and I know I will enjoy eating and sharing with family. Once I gathered a few recipes here and there, I began picking up tricks on how to decorate and make the cakes look delicious on the outside too... like icing and frosting the cake, adding fruits, nuts, or chocolate for garnish, and just making it look pretty.

Speaking of pretty, what's a cake without a beautiful cake stand to put it on top of. For a while I have been shopping around for different styles of cake stands, different colors, shapes, and sizes. But I can't seem to find one I love. Mostly it's because the cake stands my eyes gravitate to in the stores are way over the amount of money I want to spend. So I browsed online for styles of cake stands I like and here's a few that fit my taste.
They are all pretty simple designs, with solid colors. But the details are all so intricate, even with some of them being plain white. The problem is that most of these stands can cost up to $30 +, if not more. And I'm just not that willing to spend too much on a cake stand. Especially when I can make it!!

Here's what happened today: I went to a local thrift shop in town and scanned the kitchenware isle with a hawk's eye! I made sure to check pretty much everywhere for cake stands. But I had no luck. Instead, I found beautiful detailed white porcelain plates and pink bowls (which are probably ice cream bowls, from the looks of them), and decided to put the two together to make a DIY cake stand.

Here's how it turned out...

Here's pretty much what you'll need: 1) Ice cream bowl; 2) Flat plate, 3) Strong-enough glue (I haven't glued these together yet, but i'm planning on using a glue gun.
 Each item was <$1 ... ONLY 0.95 cents!
The kitchen lighting is washing out this pink color on the bowl, but if I can describe it better, it's like a pastel vintage pink color. 
 Fist step is to find a plate and bowl that will fit together nice and centered. Take your time in finding the perfect fit. And in my opinion, they can be whatever colors you want them to be.
 Then flip the plate over and glue the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the plate. If you have a circle ring to guide you on the plate, like I do, this part will be easy. If not, then just try your best to be centered. It just so happened that these two fit EXACTLY RIGHT! yay!
 Once your glue has set, turn over and presto! homemade cake stand for $2  (not including the glue).
Now, you can present all your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, pies, etc. in something you can be proud to say you made yourself. =)

Stay fun and creative!

& Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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