Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hershey's Double Chocolate Mini Kisses Cookies

It's that time of the year when cookies are best when warm and freshly baked. I pretty much bake cookies any time of the year, but these were oh so delicious that I needed to share the recipe!

This cookie recipe was from a cookbook I purchased recently, so it is not my own. But nevertheless, it is a recipe that I'll continue to use over and over and over again =) Warning: this is definitely for chocolate lovers!
First, I guess I can track back to what tempted me to make a batch of these at 4:30 in the morning... the night prior I was in LA and happened to be in the neighborhood of Diddy Riese, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some for the drive home... 

After the Diddy Riese cookies, I just had to make some cookies of my own, so I used this recipe...

Really bomb cookies!

Enjoy making these!!! Perfect for Holiday get-togethers, or for midnight snacks =)


DIY wall frame photo collage

This past week, I have been working on a little project. I've recently been introduced to Pinterest! and I absolutely love it! For those of you like me, who are a little bit late on joining the band-wagon, you MUST start using this app on your phone! it's very addicting. 

Anyway...I found so many great ideas on home decor. I stumbled upon dozens of photos all about wall frame art! Here's a few that inspired me... (Disclaimer: none of the example photos are mine). 

This photo is really pretty, or should I say, the living space is really pretty... I love how the yellow frame pops so vibrantly against the grayish wall. I love the gray and yellow combo - so pleasant to the eyes. 
This next photo was the inspiration to how I was going to position the strings on my wall frame DIY. Isn't the red such a gorgeous color too...But I was kind of worried that red may not match the interior of our loving room, so I kept looking for ideas for a more subtle look.
The rest of these photos pretty much sums up what the concept is for the wall frame DIY I've created. Simple, but a very clever way to make use of wall space.
I wasn't fond of this green color, but I do love the clothes pins they've used here to hang each photo. Side note: where can I find some clothes pins???
These next two photos were my initial inspiration from Pinterest that made me start this project. The frame color caught my eye, and made me want to try to make one myself. And again, with the bright colors!!

Well, to tell you the truth, I am a very plain and simple kind of decorator. I like things to be very neutral in color. NOTHING too bold. So that way, it will match the space well, and I will not get sick of the color eventually...So the color I decided on was....


Here's how my DIY project turned out...(it's still a working progress; all these following photos are mine).

All you will need: an old frame, paint, nails or staples (to wrap the strings around in the back of the frame), string, paper clips (or clothes pins), and of course, PHOTOS! Unlike me, I still have not put all the photos on this thing, but It will eventually happen. =) 
This old frame has been in the living room, where a very old painting used to hang. I finally got around to removing the old painting and recreating the actual frame to make it look more modern and updated. The old painting and frame was very dark and looked very old. =(

I just removed the painting, painted the frame itself with a base, and 3 coats of white paint, and voila!

Then all I needed to do was dress up the frame with some photos... (again, this is still a working progress)... Just to test it out, I found whatever pictures first came to sight...

I used paper clips in the mean time to hang the photos with... 
cute black and white striped paper clips!
And I used this "woody" type of string to give it that old rustic feel...
And eventually, we will actually end up hanging this up on the wall...

There's many more DIY stuff going on around me, especially during this Holiday season... I hope to make better use of my time, besides SHOPPING all the time!!!! hehehehe....