Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hershey's Double Chocolate Mini Kisses Cookies

It's that time of the year when cookies are best when warm and freshly baked. I pretty much bake cookies any time of the year, but these were oh so delicious that I needed to share the recipe!

This cookie recipe was from a cookbook I purchased recently, so it is not my own. But nevertheless, it is a recipe that I'll continue to use over and over and over again =) Warning: this is definitely for chocolate lovers!
First, I guess I can track back to what tempted me to make a batch of these at 4:30 in the morning... the night prior I was in LA and happened to be in the neighborhood of Diddy Riese, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some for the drive home... 

After the Diddy Riese cookies, I just had to make some cookies of my own, so I used this recipe...

Really bomb cookies!

Enjoy making these!!! Perfect for Holiday get-togethers, or for midnight snacks =)


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