Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"New" Desk Chairs

I can't help it, I like variety and I like change and style. When it comes to colors, I just can't decide. I loved how the old purple chairs we used for the desk looked, but I didn't like that one had no back to it. So when I found another pair of "curb chairs" that had both backs to them, I had to replace the purple ones with them. Of course, after I gave them a new look!
I am really loving the new chairs, especially since they were so fun to make =) Plus, don't they look so cute! Once, they were probably a part of a dining set, but now has a new home with a brand new makeover. Now what chair doesn't want that treatment?! lol...
Yay for free furniture and a little elbow grease + imagination + inspiration + creativity...etc... =)

Have a great day!

White Chairs DIY

Okay. So I must admit, i think i've gone a little fanatic over white furniture. I just like how classic it makes a space looks, it also serves as a great palette for adding colorful accessories. I pretty much used the same process as in these chairs, just used a different color.

These chairs were "curb chairs" and pretty much were waiting to go to waste, but I was so glad to get my hands on them! I love free furniture, and these were actually in good condition. OLD, but good. Here's the basic steps of the white chairs makeover.

Step 1: Clean the chairs with a wet rag with a bit of dish soap.
Step 2: Get your materials. (for 2 chairs, you will need)
- sand paper, 150 grit
- tack clothe
- 1 can primer spray paint
- 2 cans white gloss spray paint
- plastic/paper drop clothe to put over the floor
Step 3: Sand the chairs, and use a tack clothe to wipe all the dust away.
Step 4: Add a thin coat of primer. Wait for it to dry.
Step 5: Add a couple of thin coats of your choice of paint, waiting for each coat to fully dry before the next.
LAST step is to just wait until the whole thing dries, and you're done!!!
Kitchen chairs x2 = FREE
sand paper, 150 grit = already had
tack clothe = already had
1 can primer spray paint = $3.87
2 cans white gloss spray paint = $3.87/ea (I had 1 can left over from a previous project)
plastic/paper drop clothe to put over the floor = already had

TOTAL = $7.74 (+tax)
So each chair cost me about $4 bucks to make. Can I get a high five PLEASE!

Stay tuned to see these cuties in action inside the apartment =)

Happy DIY-ing!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Night Stands Makeover

Earlier this week I had picked up a few items from a local thrift for a DIY project for our apartment. My inspiration came from all sorts of places - magazines, blogs, websites, and just walking through my favorite home furnishing stores. Since we still needed a few storage units, I figure I can probably save some money by buying second hand items and making-them-over to look like this...
and this...
Here's how they looked BEFORE:
I love how the new look adds a more feminine, but not too feminine touch. And I was initially going to change the knobs with more decorative ones, but i kinda like the simplicity of the orinial, since it fits into the overall simple/clean look i was going for. 

Before I made these over, I actually walked in a local furniture store to simply shop around for inspirations, and I stumbled upon some really cute night stands that resemble the ones I made. Such as this one (which was $200)...
and this one (which was a ghastly $500 +)
I was gonna be sick...

Although these look super duper cute, I couldn't imagine coughing up that much money for wood. No offence to wood. It is nice wood though... 

And remember this little guy, which was also real solid wood...
I turned it into this (minus the knobs, which I hadn't re-installed yet at the time)...
 and now she lives next to the long sofa, ready to be used as slim-lookin' end table... ;)
Here's the process (in photos) of how I painted these guys. First, make sure your wood surfaces are wiped and clean, I just used a regular damp rag to wipe. Next, get all you materials ready.  

I ended up just using some of what's in the photo:
2 cans of Kilz Primer - $5.78/ea = $11.56
2 cans of Rust-oleum white paint = $3.87/ea = $7.74
1/2 a sheet of 150 grit sanding paper = $3.97/pack of 3
1 tack cloth = $2.68/pack of 3
1 plastic drop protector = $2.98
TOTAL = $28.93 (+tax)
 Then it was time to work. Start by taking off the hardware and set aside, sand all the surfaces down with a 150 grit sanding paper, then wipe away the sand dust with a tack cloth. One you feel that your sanding is sufficient for the primer to stick on to your surfaces, take the furniture pieces and lay them out onto your drop cloth of choice and add a thin coat of primer...
wait at least 30 minutes to dry...then add your first a coat of paint, then wait another 30 minutes+, then finish with a second coat of paint. TIP: the longer you wait for the paint to dry-the better; and avoid applying the paint on too thick, you can avoid this by moving the nozzle of the paint can at all times while spraying. 
Once your coats of paint dries, you're pretty much almost done =) Since it was a hot afternoon when I painted these, it didn't take longer than one afternoon to finish the whole process. I'd say it took about 1 basketball game for the whole thing to finish drying. (maybe even faster)... Once your pieces are dry, just reassemble it all back together...It's that easy... =) 

But i was kinda bitter about getting my nails painted on...since i forgot to wear gloves...Luckily the paint scrubbed right off with my shirt without ruining my mani ;)
Visit this site more details: http://www.wikihow.com/Paint-Veneer I also applied this same process when painting the solid wood end table. I also scrolled through a bunch of my favorite blogs and looked up how they tackled similar projects so incorporated a little bit of everyone's ideas and tips.

Solid wood night stand - Goodwill $29.99
Veneer night stand - Goodwill $14.99/ea = $29.98
Materials - $28.93 (+tax)
TOTAL = $88.90 (which is about $30 spent on each piece of furniture) 

Happy DIY-ing!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Night Stand DIY: Phase 1: Inspiration

I am officially a DIY junkie. I love scrolling through hundreds of pins from Pinterest about DIY furniture makeovers. It gives me so much inspiration to tackle simple projects for our home. Such as these chairs I DIY-ed a  few weeks ago. This week, I decided I might try my luck finding night stands for our bedroom. For a while, our things (chargers, phones, clock, headphones, iPad, etc...) had to lay on the carpet while we waited to find the perfect night stands... It took me a while, but this week, this happened...
isn't it a beaut? - i love this night stand I found at my local Goodwill. It definitely is made of solid wood, in great condition, and with all its glorious hardware. I did't even have to think twice about purchasing this bad boy. It was just the right size for our humble abode. In the photo above, I have it beside our dark-wood bed frame, but I will actually use it for another corner of the apartment... (mainly because there was only one, and we need two for each side of the bed...)

Here's a photo of it with the door opened... as you can see, it is in perfect condition. The whole thing was pretty clean and the back part is still super white. I just gave it a good wipe down, vacuumed, and another wipe and here it is...
The next set of furniture I found (also from Goodwill, same week, but on different days) are also night stands, but this time, there are TWO! i found them together in the middle of the furniture section.

They looked super charming and the perfect shape I was looking for in night stands. Although it is not solid wood (i think it's veneer), they were in awesome condition, clean, and still really glossy, with minimal scratches and one loose knob. lol. But no worries, the knob is safely inside the drawer...Anyway... these are actually the ones I'm planning to restyle and use in the bedroom for HIS & HERS night stands
 Here's the other one, shot under more lighting. 
By the way, do you see all those knobs!!!! OMG! i can't wait to replace a few of them with these knobs... 

Finally on to my inspirations... here's several photos from Pinterest, showing which direction I might be heading with the DIY project.

I have been waiting for this weekend to come so I can start working on these!!  I hope it all turns out as great as these look... 

Item Costs:
Solid wood night stand - Goodwill $29.99
Veneer night stand - Goodwill $14.99/ea

Hooray for second hand finds!

Stay fun & creative! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are you a knob lover?

Whenever I have free time, I'm mostly online... this morning, I was online shopping for drawer knobs... don't ask why... I've always thought knobs are overlooked. A knob is a knob, right? - WRONG! a knob is something you use everyday in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, bathroom vanity, etc... why not make it look good? anyway... I'm still in the process of choosing which knobs I wanna take home with me, and I'm also working on a little wall decor project, which may or may not include knobs, hehehe. I found several designs of knobs i really like, most from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and some from Pier 1 ... Check'm out >>>

These would look really nice on a white dresser or vanity. They have a beach-y, summer-y, floral-y vibe... i don't know what style I'm leaning toward, but that coral knob really catches the eyes, doesn't it? (these are from Anthropologie)
Here's another set I found really pretty...(also from Anthropologie). I love that big sky-blue flower knob in the center, and the peachy one directly under it! Those two would be so pretty to combine together as a pair, don't you agree? 
This next one (Anthropologie) has to be one of my favorites! I love how the gold detail pops so well against the blue knob. GAAHHH!!! i want them all!
This next set is all about FLORAL! are you sensing my pattern of interest yet? I love how bright and summery these look! i can't wait to take these home and slap them on every cabinet and drawer i have! Especially that yellow one of the top row! cute or what!?? Maybe that pink one of the second row, too! and maybe that white multi-flower one on the last row!!!!! 
Okay, as if you haven't seen enough, here's more cute ones! just for fun =) I love that aqua and yellow one of the very last row, are those pineapple designs on them? sooooooo cute!
Here's the last set from Anthropologie... I can pretty much say that i love all of these, you can put all eight of these knobs on one dresser and it would still make sense. they have similar colors/shades of ivory, pinks, and corals that it just works all together -- who's with me? 

From Urban Outfitters I saw these guys and almost bought them online...but I think I'm still going to wait until I shop around some more, maybe see them in person? window shopping anyone?
Lastly, I saw these at Pier 1. I think I go to Pier 1 more often now than I used to...I always thought the store had really high-priced items, and although the style is super worth it, I just couldn't imagine me spending $$$ on house stuff...but NOW I WANT THEM ALL... but starting out small, with these knobs...simple, but surprisingly affordable, $4.00 a pop. =) and really similar to the other ones I showed from Anthropologie and UO. 
I think style should be in every inch of the house, from big to small items, and i don't think it gets any smaller than knobs, but they still make a statement... So where do you ask am i gonna use all those knobs... ? well, for now, I'm tackling this guy... 
Stay posted on which knobs this tv unit ends up with =)

Have a great day! <3