Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are you a knob lover?

Whenever I have free time, I'm mostly online... this morning, I was online shopping for drawer knobs... don't ask why... I've always thought knobs are overlooked. A knob is a knob, right? - WRONG! a knob is something you use everyday in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, bathroom vanity, etc... why not make it look good? anyway... I'm still in the process of choosing which knobs I wanna take home with me, and I'm also working on a little wall decor project, which may or may not include knobs, hehehe. I found several designs of knobs i really like, most from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and some from Pier 1 ... Check'm out >>>

These would look really nice on a white dresser or vanity. They have a beach-y, summer-y, floral-y vibe... i don't know what style I'm leaning toward, but that coral knob really catches the eyes, doesn't it? (these are from Anthropologie)
Here's another set I found really pretty...(also from Anthropologie). I love that big sky-blue flower knob in the center, and the peachy one directly under it! Those two would be so pretty to combine together as a pair, don't you agree? 
This next one (Anthropologie) has to be one of my favorites! I love how the gold detail pops so well against the blue knob. GAAHHH!!! i want them all!
This next set is all about FLORAL! are you sensing my pattern of interest yet? I love how bright and summery these look! i can't wait to take these home and slap them on every cabinet and drawer i have! Especially that yellow one of the top row! cute or what!?? Maybe that pink one of the second row, too! and maybe that white multi-flower one on the last row!!!!! 
Okay, as if you haven't seen enough, here's more cute ones! just for fun =) I love that aqua and yellow one of the very last row, are those pineapple designs on them? sooooooo cute!
Here's the last set from Anthropologie... I can pretty much say that i love all of these, you can put all eight of these knobs on one dresser and it would still make sense. they have similar colors/shades of ivory, pinks, and corals that it just works all together -- who's with me? 

From Urban Outfitters I saw these guys and almost bought them online...but I think I'm still going to wait until I shop around some more, maybe see them in person? window shopping anyone?
Lastly, I saw these at Pier 1. I think I go to Pier 1 more often now than I used to...I always thought the store had really high-priced items, and although the style is super worth it, I just couldn't imagine me spending $$$ on house stuff...but NOW I WANT THEM ALL... but starting out small, with these knobs...simple, but surprisingly affordable, $4.00 a pop. =) and really similar to the other ones I showed from Anthropologie and UO. 
I think style should be in every inch of the house, from big to small items, and i don't think it gets any smaller than knobs, but they still make a statement... So where do you ask am i gonna use all those knobs... ? well, for now, I'm tackling this guy... 
Stay posted on which knobs this tv unit ends up with =)

Have a great day! <3

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