Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Home: Living Room/Office

I don't know about any of you out there, but I absolutely am addicted to home improvement/interior design/house makeover blogs. I just think there is so much creativity that goes on in making your home look like something you see in a magazine. It's nice to turn a space into something unique and fit to your style and something you and your family and friends can enjoy. Here's our perfect place we call home. (for now) ;)

I did manage to get a few before pics in here so it should be fun to look back from when we first started. Here's a look into parts of our living room area and office.

Here's a before look of our tv area. This was our sad monkey phase when we first moved in... (can you spot the sad monkey?)
after a couple of months, and some added green, our entertainment area is looking much happier =)
... plus, sad monkey made a friend =)
it's amazing what plants and a few photos can do to brighten up an area...
i really like this plant, which by the way are great indoor plants (Pothos), but the guy at home depot warned me that these can grow up to 40 ft long! YIKES!, not so sure our living room can house a jungle =( will keep you posted on how big this thing actually gets - note: i have killed cactus before =(((
just in case you're wondering, of course I got that tv table unit from IKEA! 
We also bought our office table from there. I really like the way it looks and since I've been inspired with the white furniture trend I also got that in white too!... You might have remembered this photo from this previous post (where i show you how i made those chairs) 
Before, it looked very bare, and sad-monkey status... but after a couple weeks of arranging and accumulating stuff (hehehe) it's progressing to something more like a happy monkey =)
...just added some beige-colored seating pads for the chairs (Walmart - $5/each)... and a mix of new stuff and old stuff I already had: plants (Home depot), pots/decorative flower bowls (Walmart, Crate & Barrel, Goodwill/thrifted), more frames (Tjmaxx, Target), table lamp (IKEA - already had), pen holders (Target - already had), and lots of books (already had - mainly cookbooks, and design books/magazines)
Really, I was trying to be as minimal as possible. I call it organized clutter. I expect that after a few more weeks, this table will look even more cluttered with more plants and more books, but I am okay with that...
Well, I hope this encourages a few people to go out and buy some plants. It makes the home look super happy and it's a lot less work than getting another doggy...which by the way I really really want! =__= Maybe next time.... 

Enjoy, and stay tuned for other design-related posts >.<

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