Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Night Stand DIY: Phase 1: Inspiration

I am officially a DIY junkie. I love scrolling through hundreds of pins from Pinterest about DIY furniture makeovers. It gives me so much inspiration to tackle simple projects for our home. Such as these chairs I DIY-ed a  few weeks ago. This week, I decided I might try my luck finding night stands for our bedroom. For a while, our things (chargers, phones, clock, headphones, iPad, etc...) had to lay on the carpet while we waited to find the perfect night stands... It took me a while, but this week, this happened...
isn't it a beaut? - i love this night stand I found at my local Goodwill. It definitely is made of solid wood, in great condition, and with all its glorious hardware. I did't even have to think twice about purchasing this bad boy. It was just the right size for our humble abode. In the photo above, I have it beside our dark-wood bed frame, but I will actually use it for another corner of the apartment... (mainly because there was only one, and we need two for each side of the bed...)

Here's a photo of it with the door opened... as you can see, it is in perfect condition. The whole thing was pretty clean and the back part is still super white. I just gave it a good wipe down, vacuumed, and another wipe and here it is...
The next set of furniture I found (also from Goodwill, same week, but on different days) are also night stands, but this time, there are TWO! i found them together in the middle of the furniture section.

They looked super charming and the perfect shape I was looking for in night stands. Although it is not solid wood (i think it's veneer), they were in awesome condition, clean, and still really glossy, with minimal scratches and one loose knob. lol. But no worries, the knob is safely inside the drawer...Anyway... these are actually the ones I'm planning to restyle and use in the bedroom for HIS & HERS night stands
 Here's the other one, shot under more lighting. 
By the way, do you see all those knobs!!!! OMG! i can't wait to replace a few of them with these knobs... 

Finally on to my inspirations... here's several photos from Pinterest, showing which direction I might be heading with the DIY project.

I have been waiting for this weekend to come so I can start working on these!!  I hope it all turns out as great as these look... 

Item Costs:
Solid wood night stand - Goodwill $29.99
Veneer night stand - Goodwill $14.99/ea

Hooray for second hand finds!

Stay fun & creative! 

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