Sunday, April 28, 2013

Night Stands Makeover

Earlier this week I had picked up a few items from a local thrift for a DIY project for our apartment. My inspiration came from all sorts of places - magazines, blogs, websites, and just walking through my favorite home furnishing stores. Since we still needed a few storage units, I figure I can probably save some money by buying second hand items and making-them-over to look like this...
and this...
Here's how they looked BEFORE:
I love how the new look adds a more feminine, but not too feminine touch. And I was initially going to change the knobs with more decorative ones, but i kinda like the simplicity of the orinial, since it fits into the overall simple/clean look i was going for. 

Before I made these over, I actually walked in a local furniture store to simply shop around for inspirations, and I stumbled upon some really cute night stands that resemble the ones I made. Such as this one (which was $200)...
and this one (which was a ghastly $500 +)
I was gonna be sick...

Although these look super duper cute, I couldn't imagine coughing up that much money for wood. No offence to wood. It is nice wood though... 

And remember this little guy, which was also real solid wood...
I turned it into this (minus the knobs, which I hadn't re-installed yet at the time)...
 and now she lives next to the long sofa, ready to be used as slim-lookin' end table... ;)
Here's the process (in photos) of how I painted these guys. First, make sure your wood surfaces are wiped and clean, I just used a regular damp rag to wipe. Next, get all you materials ready.  

I ended up just using some of what's in the photo:
2 cans of Kilz Primer - $5.78/ea = $11.56
2 cans of Rust-oleum white paint = $3.87/ea = $7.74
1/2 a sheet of 150 grit sanding paper = $3.97/pack of 3
1 tack cloth = $2.68/pack of 3
1 plastic drop protector = $2.98
TOTAL = $28.93 (+tax)
 Then it was time to work. Start by taking off the hardware and set aside, sand all the surfaces down with a 150 grit sanding paper, then wipe away the sand dust with a tack cloth. One you feel that your sanding is sufficient for the primer to stick on to your surfaces, take the furniture pieces and lay them out onto your drop cloth of choice and add a thin coat of primer...
wait at least 30 minutes to dry...then add your first a coat of paint, then wait another 30 minutes+, then finish with a second coat of paint. TIP: the longer you wait for the paint to dry-the better; and avoid applying the paint on too thick, you can avoid this by moving the nozzle of the paint can at all times while spraying. 
Once your coats of paint dries, you're pretty much almost done =) Since it was a hot afternoon when I painted these, it didn't take longer than one afternoon to finish the whole process. I'd say it took about 1 basketball game for the whole thing to finish drying. (maybe even faster)... Once your pieces are dry, just reassemble it all back together...It's that easy... =) 

But i was kinda bitter about getting my nails painted on...since i forgot to wear gloves...Luckily the paint scrubbed right off with my shirt without ruining my mani ;)
Visit this site more details: I also applied this same process when painting the solid wood end table. I also scrolled through a bunch of my favorite blogs and looked up how they tackled similar projects so incorporated a little bit of everyone's ideas and tips.

Solid wood night stand - Goodwill $29.99
Veneer night stand - Goodwill $14.99/ea = $29.98
Materials - $28.93 (+tax)
TOTAL = $88.90 (which is about $30 spent on each piece of furniture) 

Happy DIY-ing!

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  1. Hello! My name is Katy and I am the social media coordinator for KILZ Brand products. Great job on the secondhand night stand transformation! We love to see that you used KILZ to help complete your project! If you ever have any questions related to our products, go to our Facebook page at


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