Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bamboo in the Bedroom

So it's been a couple of weeks or more that we've been using our thrifted night stands that we DIYed. We absolutely love them and find them very useful for storage. They started out kinda plain because we wanted to have a simple clean look. After some time, I thought about adding a little bit more life to them...
Here's how they look now...
I don't know, I just wanted to try out something new...and I'm sure this will look different in another 2 weeks, but that's a-okay...until I find something that sticks and stays...
These are actually bamboo bath mats I found at T.J.Maxx. But they fit so well right on top of our nightstands that I had to try them out. They're great because they are water resistant and helps with preventing damage to the white paint, plus easy to wipe! Awesome, right? 


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