Friday, May 31, 2013

DAY 1: Planting Flower Seeds

since my obsession over plants started, I have yet to actually plant seeds, until today. it's been quite a while now since I've had this guy >>
...and he is still ALIVE! so I figured I was doing something right. He actually looks awesome, in his new spot! thriving and looking very much longer than when I first brought it home seen here. Green thumbs up!!
So i thought it might be time to try planting from scratch. Just like when you bake from scratch...the feeling seems Anyway...These are the ones that made the cut from all the selection they had at my local Home Depot. 
I used the same kind of pots I used for these guys. and used the the regular potting mix i use for all my other plants. To start, i got the pot 3/4 filled with soil, then added just a few seeds the package comes with, then i covered the whole thing with more soil. 
The package instructions has a bit more details on how to space the seeds, and actually be successful at growing these, but I seriously was just going on "instinct." Once I was happy with the whole thing, I just watered it enough to dampen the soil. 
I will for sure be updating you plant lovers out there about the progress of these flower seeds. Today shall be called DAY 1. 
Happy Planting!

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