Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY succulent pot

I have been wanting to do a DIY project for my plant obsession lately. I got this little guy recently and wanted to put him in something pretty...super easy diy and it only took 5 minutes to do! =)
All you have to do is find a succulent plant you like, a gold sharpie, and a glass of choice. This was actually a candle jar I cleaned out after the wax was all gone. 
Once you've got all your stuff together, just think of a creative design you want to put on the glass. I was torn between polka dots or a herring bone pattern, but eventually I went with the second choice =)
Once you get the pattern you like, just fill it with your plant and extra soil, and water as needed =) 
Super easy! and it just adds that extra bit of happy into our home. Now the question is where I'm gonna end up putting it?
It's probably going to end up traveling around the apartment since it's so easy to carry. But for now, it shall live on our computer desk, until the next plant project...heheh
Happy DIY-ing!!!

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