Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recent Thrifted Haul

I have a sharp eye for fashion, but I have a sharper eye for cheap! So I like to shop at thrifts to get me good deals on otherwise more expensive purchases. Here's a few items I picked up recently from a local thrift store.
Above: this lamp was actually brand new, still had the original target price tag on it. Online, this Threshold brand lamp from target originally costs $54.99. (I was happy to take it home for only $9.99!) 
Above: these cute wooden frames were only $0.99 each. Can't get enough frames =) I may or may not paint them, but for now they shall remain as is...
Above: the cutest thing in the world just happened in my life. OMG! it has to be some kind of child's crayon holder. I saw something similar from Young House Love's blog, and I kinda fell in love with it. lol.
Above: this "table runner" is actually a king size pillow sham, with this awesome tribal/safari pattern on it which was the main reason for my purchase. It was brand new (which is a major bonus when shopping thrifts) and for only $1.99, it was hard to pass up. We tested it out as a table cover just to see if it would look good, but eventually we did take it out since it made the tv unit look too busy. Eventually we'll make use of it as an actual pillow sham! I just bought a king sized pillow for it so stay tuned for the bed makeover! lol...

Happy thrifting! 

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