Friday, May 17, 2013

Splitting Succulents

I've been enjoying my interest in green lately. I can't tell yet if I have a green thumb, because my plants are not old enough for me tell if they are thriving, or just surviving. lol. it appears another succulent made it home with me. She started out like this...
And of course, I had to depot her and place her in a new container. So I pretty much did something similar to what I did with this guy...
But this time, I ended up splitting it up into 4 separate potted plants. Actually, I did it accidentally when the plant naturally fell apart at their roots while I was depotting it. I realized the roots were pretty easy to split up, so I decided to go for it, since I had enough containers to put them in...
>> I will have to do an update on if they survive on their own pots, but I did read online that as long as it's done correctly, the plant should be able to grow on its own **crossing my fingers**

Here's how they look like now>>
It's as if the momma plant gave birth to little baby that a weird or what? cool, maybe?
I'm really hoping that the depotting of these plants work, and that they continue to grow under my watch...I'll be keeping a close eye on them...and hopefully I will end up developing my green thumb after all... =))


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