Thursday, June 6, 2013

Garden Updates

It's starting to look like a jungle in the apartment. Not gonna lie, I never thought I'd turn into a plant lover, but it is very addicting and at the same time gratifying to see something you plant come to life. It all pretty much started with just a few plants. Now we have several in the apartment, and we are running out of rooms to put them... The good news is all the plants so far are alive and thriving, so much so that I've needed to transplant them into much bigger pots.
First up, the snake plant. It looks more comfortable now in its new bigger pot. It used to live in a much smaller one (like the size that the green onions are in now). It's amazing how fast they grow! I can't wait until the snake plant gets much bigger and longer. 
Here's the snake plant BEFORE.

Here it is NOW. 
Much roomier, and gives the roots more than enough space to expand. =) 
Next up is the succulent. Here it is BEFORE.
It looked great, but it just seemed too crowded. I also felt that the stems were getting so long that they were hitting the other stems. It was time for more space. lol. 
Here it is NOW.
Much better. 
Now onto the vegetables. The bok choy is growing fast! It has gotten big enough for me to actually pot it now. It used to just sit in a cup of water. See the progress here and here.
Now she's got some big girl pants on and lives in an actual pot now.
The green onions have gotten potted too. It started out with just tiny little roots at the bottom. See more here and here. In the photo below, you can't even see any roots.
But now the roots have gotten so long, long enough for me to plant into soil =) It grew so much in only six days. I was really happy about this one.
So into a pot it went with the rest of its buddies.
One last one I will show you is the dumb cane plant. This was one of our first plants we took home. It used to look like this...
It has since been sprouting new leaves, and growing taller and taller. So in to a much bigger pot she goes.
...i'm glad they all look alive. ahahha. jungle-y. but alive. I hope they all don't get too out of control, though. but I do hope they last forever. it would be nice to look back a few months from now and see the progress...


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