Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gardening with Egg Cartons

I had some leftover seeds, and I was all out of containers and pots for planting, so I used an egg carton =)... I pretty much am going out on the whim with this one, but I have high hopes that in a few days or weeks, I'll see something sprouting! Summer time is just around the corner, and I am enjoying the rest of spring, and I pretty much am using the time to plant, plant, plant! and hopefully get some results once the sun starts shining away.

Start with an egg carton and remove the cover part. 
Using a disposable spoon, scoop potting mix into each pit. 
Then using the handle of the spoon, make a dent in the center of the soil. 
Now you are ready to plant your seeds!!! I chose to plant some of the extra seeds I had already. I guess, this way, I can compare how they grow compared to the ones I grew in the terra cotta pots a couple of days ago seen here. In addition, I planted some jalapenos! All I did was remove the seeds from a jalapeno I had in the fridge. Then I just planted them into the soil. 
To plant the seeds I chose, I simple placed 1-2 seeds in each of the pits. You should have something like this... (Below: those in the photo are the Zinnia flower seeds. =)) I can't wait for those to bloom!
Finally, since there are 12 pits, it's best to label them so you know which plants which, which is especially helpful in the early stages when you have no idea how they will look like. lol...
 I had so much fun planting these, and it was super easy. In the mean time, I have to play the waiting game =(

Happy Planting!

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