Thursday, August 29, 2013

Princess Color-Themed Cakepops!

A family friend of mine ordered some cakepops for her daughter's 3rd birthday party!

Or course her daughter wanted princess-themed cakepops...
 I just went simple this time and used 3 princess colors... 
They are all made with vanilla cake, with rainbow sprinkles inside, coated with chocolate, and garnished with nonpareils, and sugar crystals...
 (Above: this purple color reminds me of Princess Rapunzel!)
 (Above: this pink once reminds me of the Sleeping Beauty Princess!)
(Above: the left pastel green one reminds me of Princess Jazmine!!!)

OMG! I am suck a sucker for these...

And last one is a pure white one, which is for the Birthday Princess herself! 
Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!!! Princess Benjalyn!!!

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