Monday, October 28, 2013

Daytime Photos Halloween 2013 Cake Pops

Halloween 2013 Cake Pops! See the tutorial here
It's an updated tutorial on how I make cake pops! 
This post really shows the difference between taking photos at night versus during the day. I posted about a similar topic before, seen here.
It makes such a huge difference when seeing these cake pops during the day. Although the night time photos turned out okay, they didn't show the true color of the cake pops.

The night time photo just looks so brown (almost matching our dinner table), without a hint of black at all. But the day time photo looks so much darker. You would think if I took the photo during the night time, that they would look darker, but it's the exact opposite.

The sprinkles look so vibrant against the dark chocolate!
I had mentioned on the Halloween 2013 Cake Pops post how the Ghirardelli baking chips mixed into the black candy melts kind of made my "black" cake pops look too brown. Perhaps I should have used a little less of the Ghirardelli. But actually, now that I'm looking at them in daylight, they don't look as brown as I thought. It's still not pitch black cake pops, but it's the next shade to it, and they taste great.
nom nom...
I do plan to make cake pops next time using just the black candy melts, just so I can see the difference in shades, to see if it does stay really black.
Til next time!


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