Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

This week has been the most stressful week making cakes. 
It felt like I made 100 cakes (not really). And of course, you guys already saw the cakepops seen here and here

Here's two of the many cakes I worked on this week for Halloween. 
Here's how they looked like before...
I know they don't really actually look "halloween-y" because they really weren't originally intended to be. But since I had a few extra cakes, and a lot of extra yellow frosting, I kinda went with it and just came up with these. Although they turned out okay, I had to find a way to decorate these so I can make it more Halloween-themed. The large cake is going to be for a Halloween potluck at work. And the small one would be ALL MINE!!!! muuaahhh hahahahhaha.... **cue thunder and lightning please**

I obviously had a lot of yellow frosting around this week, so I figure it would be more resourceful to use that instead of making more frosting with typical "halloween" colors, like orange, purple, or black. Plus, I was too lazy... -_- so for awhile I was stumped...But then!!! Instagram saved the day!!!

It worked out pretty well. The witch silhouette inspiration came from a picture I saw on Instagram, then I just googled similar photos online and picked one I liked that was easy enough to replicate.
The witch is made of black chocolate melts that I used to paint with using a small clean paintbrush. It took longer to come up with the idea than the actually painting part. I guess you can say I picked up a "new" technique that I am definitely using again on other future cakes!!! YAY!

Now remember that little itty-bitty cake...
 I really didn't want to mess with this one, it looked soooo cute, like a little sunflower cake...
But eventually it had to be done...
 bye bye sunflower cake...hello spider cake...
The only thing left is to serve these!!! nom nom nom...
ALL MINE!!!! muuuuaaahhhh hahahahhahah...

Just in case you are wondering about the recipes I used for that yellow frosting... you can find it here.
And the cake is made of, obviously my favorite, CHOCOLATE CAKE! seen herehere, and here.
Happy Halloween!!!!

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