Friday, November 15, 2013

Bachelorette Party Cake & Cake Pops!

Bachelorette Party Cake & Cake Pops!
WARNING: Graphic cakes and cake pops coming your way...
... don't say I didn't warn you...

This was a cake I did a few months ago for a friend's Bachelorette Dinner Party. It was the funnest and by far the hardest cake I have ever had to make, especially because it was the very first time I ever had to carve out or shape a cake.

To make my life easier, I used a box Red Velvet Cake mix, so I didn't have to work so hard baking a cake from scratch. I baked the cake in a 9x13 rectangle glass pan to get me a large sheet cake.
I then, cut the cake in half horizontally so I can have a two-layer cake. Once I had two long strips of cake, I carved them both into the desired shape I wanted. Then, I just stacked the two layers of cake on top of each other with a thin layer of chocolate frosting in between. 

Finally, all I had left to do was frost the whole cake, I used cream cheese frosting tinted light peachy-pink for the body of the cake, brighter pink for the tip of the cake, and added chocolate sprinkles on the opposite end of the cake.
It's not the prettiest frosting job, but it was so much fun to make! Hilarious!

Lastly, I just added a simple greeting to top it all off...
I used the extra cake crumbs that I trimmed off the cake and a bit of left-over frosting to make matching cake pops!
Super cute! ... and the girls loved them!
 Those sprinkles were genius...
We had so much fun celebrating with our bride-to-be!
Of course, she gets the best part of the cake! hehehe....

Hope this one made someone laugh >_<


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