Thursday, November 14, 2013

More "October Cookies"

So last month, I named these cookies "October Cookies." 
(Recipe here)
I guess it's because the caramel in the ROLOs remind me a lot of fall and October. The weather kinda cools off a bit, and the holidays are just around the corner which make me crave warm homemade cookies even more than other times of the year. It's happy times, for sure when it's cookies season! Me and my kitchen decided it was gonna happen again in November.

So I whipped up a large batch of these cookies earlier today!
I was able to make 6 dozen cookie balls (2-inch sized cookies) with this one recipe. 
I baked 3 dozen today, and saved the other uncooked cookie balls in the refrigerator for later...ready to bake when I need a quick cookie fix. 

This batch is just a tad bit different from the original October Cookies seen here >>>
This time, I used Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips, which are the standard-sized chocolate chips...
The original October Cookies used the Nestle's dark chocolate morsels, which are a lot bigger. Between the two, I highly recommend the Nestle's morsels. Whenever these are on sale, I love to stock up!
So to make up for the smaller chips, I added more of it into this batter, about 3-4 cups! The original recipe called for just 1 cup. That being said, I don't think I've ever put that much chocolate chips into a single batch of cookies!
 Plus! I added much more ROLOs too!
They turned out so good! So chocolate-y, so chewy, so moist, and sooooooo yummy!
Tip: Since these cookies have caramel, I highly recommend lining the cookie sheet with parchment paper. I learned that mistake the hard way when all the caramel got stuck on the pan on the first batch.
Note: If you like that textured-look to these cookies, I used a 1-inch size cookie scoop and placed them as is on the cookie sheet. But if you like the cookie to look smooth and more round, you can scoop them up the same way and roll them up into round balls, like this...
Honestly, the cookies taste great whichever way you scoop it! But I do like how the smooth round cookies look...
I guess your just gonna have to trust me on this. MUST TRY this recipe if you haven't already!


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