Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Shower Cake Pops!

This month is one of my favorite months! Everywhere you shop, you will see reds, pinks, and pretty things. Speaking of pretty things, I wanted to share these cake pops I made for a baby shower! 
I love how these cake pops turned out. I love the soft combination of the pink with the white stripes. It's super easy too!

Just combine a little of pink candy melts with white ones to get the "baby pink" shade you want to have.
Then you just dip all the cake pops in them and let each of them set. Then later, cover the whole cake pop with the chocolate.

To decorate: Prepare a small piping bag containing white candy melt. Make sure the opening to the bag is quite small and tiny so you can achieve thin white stripes. Hold the cake pop in one hand, and the piping bag in the dominant hand and while twisting the cake pop stick from side to side, pipe out the white candy melt onto the cake pops. Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle some white nonpareils onto it. 

It does take some practice and technique, but I promise it will be fun! And when you're done, you should be able to whip up dozens of these things!!!
 And they don't have to be perfect on the first few tries, but just keep practicing....
Since these were orders, I wanted to make them look even prettier and presentable though. So I eventually put them onto mini cupcake liners and tied them each in little baggies...
 Super fun and festive for that special addition to the family!!!


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